Friends of the Ratz

Sam Hoffmann – Sam is a Ratz that has been coming to Freerides for many years now and when he is not ripping down Mary or coring wheels at home, he creating art out of mud.

Nicole Bishop – Nicole is a Bellingham artist that does some wonderful artwork for the action sports industry.

Jon Huey – Jon was one of the first photo-journalists to document downhill skateboarding at Maryhill and can be found spinnin’ tunes at the bottom of the hill, as DJ HeuyLove. Be sure to show him some love by saying hello at the next Freeride.

SkateSlate – SkateSlate is an great place for the latest and greatest news from the longboard scene.

Eastside Longboards – Robin, founder of Eastside Longboards, is a longtime Ratz and A Master of Stoke. Between building boards, throwing dance jams in Portland and teaching classes at Mt. Tabor, he is also a Professor at the University of Maryhill.

SkateHouse Media – SkateHouse Media is the place to see the latest videos for those times when you cannot make it to a hill.

The Maryhill Museum – The Maryhill Museum of Art owns and maintains the Historic Maryhill Loops Road. Please take some time to thank the Museum for allowing us to use their road, better yet, dig deep and send them a donation.

Maryhill Grande Prix – Want to race Maryhill? Get all your information here.

Starno Designs – Selina is a graphic designer based in Spokane, WA. She specializes in WordPress websites.